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Shot Scope in the far front of the other gps watches. So many features, great overview of the statistics and totally accurate GPS system down to putting and pin placement. Unbiased testing? I use golf gps almost every day and am super happy with it. I have used, among other things, Garmin and Golf Boddy previously, as well as dedicated gps-distance devices such as. Game Golf. Nothing comes close to Shot Scope in my opinion and experience. I was using an app before I bought it. Althought ShotScope has some faults, it should have certainly been considered and included in this test.

Additionally, GPS are superior to Range Finders, especially if there is a monster tree in your line of sight, or you are playing a dog-leg and you want to know yards to the greenside bunker. Shot Scope does all that for you. Nice info! Id like it to have some game tracking on it. It think this is a key point. Garmin tend to sell on features, that dont get properly supported because they are being all things to all people… the Garmin Golf App illustrates that its so clunky. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Sign me up for the newsletter. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. July 11th 35 Comments. Our Mission: We are independent, unbiased and always put the ConsumerFirst. Tweet It Share It. Garmin Approach S SkyCaddie SX Garmin Approach G Bushnell ion2. Best GPS Watch. Check Price. Pros Best GPS watch Big touchscreen for easy viewing Health tracking features Extremely comfortable with adjustable strap Easy charging system 41, pre-loaded courses. Cons Sometimes picks up practice swings. Best Handheld GPS. Cons Bigger than an iphone No fitness features.

Pros Built-in launch monitor Touch screen operation User-friendly Compatible Garmin phone app to connect with other golfers 36 hole battery life. Cons Launch monitor not as accurate with faster swing speeds More expensive than others. Best Value. Cons No touch screen. Enter Giveaway.

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Support Unbiased Testing. Our job is your game. Your Name. Email Address. ITAv8t0r 1 week ago. Would it be possible to get a review on some of the apps available for our phones? Bobtrumpet 2 weeks ago. Fred Power 2 weeks ago. Mharr 2 weeks ago. GREG 2 weeks ago.

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Harry Nodwell 2 weeks ago. Saveva, The problem with phone apps is that there are so many golf GPS apps on the market, it would be hard to narrow them down and provide the best app.

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    5. Boston 2 weeks ago. I havea iphone, do I down load a app on my phone? When the vehicles battery is disconected will trackers unit try to back feed into the system or does it have a built in diode?


      Can this be hard wired and hidden from a teen driver? Do you still need a magnetic case if you use this charging device? Great addition to any vehicle and has multi purpose. Great product. Can it be placed outside or underneath the vehicle?

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      Does this device make any kind of sounds at all that might be detected if placed in the interior of a vehicle? Good for companies. Super cool device. If placing the unit on a vehicle using the magnetic case, what's usually the best area to place it? Behind the bumper, on the frame, under the hood?