Cheating spouse investigation

Below are some examples of cheating behaviors and signs. We will employ every tactic available to us to provide you with the evidence that will eventually bring you some closure. If they go into a hotel, a restaurant, a club or any other public place, we will follow them inside in an effort to not only secure covert photographs but possibly get close enough to hear private conversations.

Not all cheaters will be comfortable with public displays of affection, therefor the closer we get the more we can tell about the extent of the relationship. After all — peace of mind is priceless. A high profile CEO busted in the act of cheating.

Vehicle/GPS tracking (where legal)

This does not look like a business meeting to you, does it? Husband is on the East Coast checking on his wife. What fool would cheat on that beautiful young lady on the left?

We caught him! Did he actually think he was going to get away from us? Not on our watch. He was busted!

Catch a Cheating Husband or Wife

You can see clearly in the photo that she took off her wedding ring. Yelp Review Guidelines. Call Us Today! Here are some of the reasons our clients love our service: Getting peace of mind. It's good to know what is really going on, whether you're just imagining things or are perfectly correct in your suspicions. Suspected spouses or partners can also benefit if they are found innocent in the investigation. Your relationship can continue as normal.

The person who hired the investigator can gain a renewed sense of trust in their partner, and they never have to know an investigation took place. This keeps the relationship intact, as the discretion of the investigator will ensure that innocent spouses or partners never feel betrayed.

Proving infidelity in a divorce or child custody case. Proven infidelity has the potential to impact the outcome of either of these types of legal cases. When it comes to legal matters, no stone should be left unturned. Why Hire Arkus, Inc.?

Catch a Cheating Husband or Wife

Here's why you should choose us: Unmatched experience. When you hire one of the infidelity investigators at Arkus, Inc. During the course of a cheating spouse investigation at Arkus, Inc. The best technology. Our private investigators have access to the best in evidence documentation, high-tech surveillance gear and resources that are not available to the average person — ensuring the results of the investigation are accurate. Complete discretion. Arkus Inc.

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This is our number one priority. Legal assistance.

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If your spouse or partner is discovered to truly be cheating, our investigators can send information directly to your attorney to use as evidence if you want to pursue divorce or stop the relationship rather than reconciling. How We Catch a Cheating Significant Other If you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating, don't worry about it a moment longer or waste your time trying to crack the case yourself. Steps We Take For a truly high-tech investigation that leaves no stone unturned — while being exceptionally discreet — hire a Chicago area infidelity private investigator from Arkus, Inc.

Our private investigators take the following steps when looking into a cheating spouse or partner: Gain background information on the person in question Stealthily track that person's movements Look into his or her personal and financial records, as allowed by law They do this over a period of time, enough to be certain that this person is cheating or not cheating.

Signs of a Cheating Husband or Wife Do you have a legitimate reason to suspect infidelity in your relationship? Combative Behavior at Home Do you and your spouse or significant other have arguments about little things? First we want to stay close enough to make sure we do not loose the subject at a traffic light or in heavy traffic. However we are constantly balancing this against staying so close that we run the risk of being observed by the subject. The art of balancing these two factors in a variety of situations can executed well only by having an experienced investigator working the case.

In some cases a second agent is preferable or required which allows us to keep safer distances while not minimizing the chance of loosing the subject. We do everything necessary to insure the covert nature of the investigation. If we ever perceive that the security of the investigation is threatened, we pull back and with your input reconsider the tactics being deployed.

The evidence collected in domestic spouse surveillance consists of the videotape of the activities and a surveillance report which details all the activity in writing. Both are submitted to you, or if you wish we can maintain them for you. A cheating spouse or significant other will tend to exhibit some of the signs of infidelity listed below. Signs of a cheating husband or wife include unavailability at work, increased time away from home or unusual cell phone usage, or other signs of infidelity. If more than a few of the indicators below are present, the next step is to conduct surveillance to confirm your suspicions.

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